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Plumbing Toilet Works

The most used plumbing fixture in a house is undoubtedly the toilet. In most homes, there are multiple toilets. Since the toilet is such a critical part of modern plumbing, problems with it are likely to require immediate attention. For any problem related to toilets, look to your experts at Plumber Philadelphia to provide professional service. Your expert plumbers can also give you useful tips to tackle some of these problems yourself.

Toilet Fixing and Repair

It is probably helpful for you to begin by understanding how your toilet works, and what its composing parts include. Pushing down the toilet handle pulls a chain which releases the tank's flush valve. The valve lifts up, uncovering a hole through which the water in the tank rapidly surges down into the bowl. Once the tank is emptied, the flush valve goes back to its resting position in at the tank bottom.

In order for waste matter to be cleared from the bowl, large quantities of rapid flowing water are needed to activate the siphon. This siphon sucks everything down the drain. The filler float and water level in the tank fall at the same time. When the filler float drops, it activates the refill valve. The tank and bowl are filled by the water that comes through the refill valve. As the tank fills with water, the float rises. When it reaches the proper level, it will deactivate the refill valve. If the refill valve fails to deactivate, the overflow tube within the tank will drain off the excess water, thus stopping any flooding that might occur.

All of these devices working together, enable a smoothly, efficiently working toilet.

Plumbing Expert Tip

Don't throw trash into your toilet. Only soluble objects should be flushed.

Malfunctioning Toilets

However, things do go wrong at times: toilets that are clogged, leak or overflow, are all examples of the most common toilet problems. When these problems occur, contact your Plumber Philadelphia for advice on repairing it yourself. If the problem is too big for you to handle, your plumber can come to your house to fix it.

Replacing Old Toilets & Installing New Ones

By following just a few simple steps, you can easily replace old toilets and install new ones.

  1. First, close the shutoff valve located next to your toilet. This disconnects the water supply and prevents flooding.
  2. Remove the water line from the tank, and attach a new line to your replacement tank. Before removing them, empty the old tank and old bowl.
  3. Your fixture will be hard enough to move without adding extra water to its weight. Take all the nuts and bolts out, and discard them. Fasten new ones to the matching parts of your new toilet.

For our professional Plumbing services or for more toilet repair tips or guidance, feel free to contact your Plumber Philadelphia.

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