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Gas Lines Installation and Repair

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Gas Lines Installation and Repair

There's more to plumbing than water. Gas line installation is an integral part of plumbing work as well. The lines supplying the gas you heat and cook with are your plumber's responsibility. Your Plumber Philadelphia will take care of your gas line layout if you plan to remodel your home, are building a new house, or moving.

Where Does Your Domestic Gas Come From?

Natural gas or propane gas are your two possible sources of domestic gas. They are both distributed at low pressure, but natural gas comes from underground pipes, while propane gas come from storage tanks placed near your building or underground.

Running Gas Lines in Your Home

Your Plumber Philadelphia delivers the gas to your house via yellow plastic tubes, whereas it is the gas company which runs gas lines to the curb. Your domestic gas lines are similar to drain pipes, and are easily installed by plumbers .Propane gas can be distributed in copper lines, while natural gas is always piped through black iron or steel pipes.

Emergency Measures During Gas Leaks

You can easily detect dangerous gas leaks by means of the typical smell of gas. If you can smell this odor throughout your home, immediately close the main gas valve. Get in touch with the gas company and have their trained experts repair the trouble. All electrical appliances should remain in their current state (either on or off), and all open flames should be extinguished, as even the smallest spark could cause an explosion.

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