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Sewer Lines

The DWV - or drain, waste and vent system - is a system of pipes that run parallel to the water supply pipes. The wastewater from your home travels to the main sewer line, which from that point, transfers it to a septic tank or sewage facility.

The waste is pulled by the force of gravity in a downward direction toward the sewer line.

The downward tilted sewer line is also aided by gravity as it travels to the septic tank or sewer. The main sewer line is subject to the possibility of leaks and clogs, both of which will cause foul odors. If PVC lining is installed within the sewer line, then the chance of leaking is diminished.

A root intrusion may be the cause of a blocked sewer line. As a first resort, try flushing out the obstruction with a garden hose to solve the problem. If this solution fails, ask your professional Plumber Philadelphia to help you eliminate the clog with a power auger. Copper sulfate and other chemical solutions prevent roots from growing back, though professional assistance is recommended before placing these chemicals inside your sewer line.

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