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Plumbing Basics

Before attempting a home plumbing project, you may wish to know some plumbing basics. You should become familiar with your home plumbing system, whether you will be doing the work yourself or hiring one of our expert Plumber Philadelphia for assistance. It is useful to become familiar with some fundamental plumbing facts before running head first into various plumbing challenges.

Familiarizing yourself with your plumbing system

For starters, it is important to know how your plumbing system works. There are essentially two separate plumbing systems in your home which work together as one efficient mechanism. The first one transports water into your home via pipes. The second system is the drainage system, made up of pipes, vents, and traps, that removes wastewater from your house.

When starting home improvement projects and dealing with plumbing problems, learn about how your plumbing system works, and acquaint yourself with prominent plumbing features like the main water shut-off valve, fixture valves, drainpipes, water pipes and your fixtures.

What tools do you need to repair pipes and toilets? Popular plumber's tools include wrenches, augers and snakes.

Rest assured that even if you choose to handle your plumbing repairs yourself, you are more than welcome to call your professional Plumber Philadelphia if you have any questions or encounter difficulties, or simply wish to learn more about home plumbing basics.

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