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Water Heater Safety Tips

Water heaters that run on gas seem harmless enough, however, if they are not properly installed or maintained they can be an accident waiting to happen. Each year there are many reported (and some unreported) cases of water heaters tearing down entire houses to their foundations. To ensure that your water heater does not endanger you and your loved ones, there are a few safety tips you can easily follow. Of course, aside from taking these measures, you can contact the licensed and qualified experts at Plumber Philadelphia who will provide you with additional tips and guidance.

    1.Check the enclosure for paper or dust and get them removed as soon as possible.
    2.The pilot light should be extinguished before anything inflammable is used near the water heaters.
    3.If the heater is in the garage make sure it is placed eighteen inches above the surface of the ground, to avoid any ignition if gasoline leaks should occur.
    4.Check the water heaters for any cracks or breaks that could enable deadly gas leaks.
    5.Ask Plumber Philadelphia to conduct regular temperature pressure check and relief maintenance; this would ensure that the steam from the valves does not cause an explosion.
    6.Install an automatic gas shut off valve which will decrease the gas flow if there is a movement in the ground, such as tremors or earthquakes.

Remember that it is highly recommended to contact the professionals at Plumber Philadelphia if you have any additional queries about water heaters safety and maintenance. Their expert advice will help you take the necessary measures for ensuring that your water heater does not become a hazard.

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