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Plumbing Marketing

Our plumbing marketing efforts are a non stop, never ending effort to find the next customer who might need our professional assistant.
So far we've been using the following advertising platforms:
Google Adwords - Worked pretty good for quite a long time, however- recently clicks became just to expansive, and it just doesn't worth any more. The way it works- you need to select keywords for queries that you believe might lead to your website (in my case "Plumber in Philadelphia", "Plumber Philadelphia", rooter etc). for each word you need to decide how much you are willing to pay, and Google creates some kind of a bidding system that works by the word. Words cost is between $5-$17.5! Those prices are just to expansive...
I tried working with "Home advisor" (used to be called Service Magic") WILL NEVER WORK WITH THEM EVER AGAIN. RIPOFF!!!!!!
LeadsMill - That's a new phone app (working on my Android) that delivers plumbing & HVAC leads. Their leads are of a really good quality; Though the leads are not exclusive, I manage to convert many of them to actual projects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Another great service that I am using is provided by "The home fixers". Also- great service and great leads.
SEO - Long time ago I spent a lot of energe and efforts on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities so that my website get high ranking positions by Google & Yahoo. Though it works, those type of activities require to much time and money that I just dont have, so now- all I do is add a plumbing article here and there.

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