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Last month I've registered to a new service called "LeadsMill". They deliver leads by mail or through a new app (free to download). Though at first they told me it might take a week or two until I start getting leads, after about 3-4 days I started getting 2-3 leads every day. It's crazy !!! I dropped all my other marketing efforts, and now all I do is chasing the jobs I keep on getting from them.
In an average of 15 leads that I get every week, that cost me about $200-$250 I get no less than 5 jobs.
Last week I had a top record of 20 leads (the guys at LeadsMill told me they can generate more of those leads) with 8 performed jobs (for which I got over $2K)
If I were asked to describe that service in one word, that would be AMAZING .

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